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A Riveting Journey through Paradise Falls Storytelling!

The Opaque Stones Cover

One man’s search for sunken treasure leads to an unexpected discovery in Duke Tate’s riveting debut novel, The Opaque Stones.

Driven to desperation after his wife’s tragic death, Teddy Dollarhide has spent the last six years in a frenzied search for the remnants of La Gracia, a Spanish galleon that sank off the coast of Latchawatchee, Florida.

By finding the ship’s long lost treasure, Teddy hopes to finally pay off the looming debt that threatens to destroy his beloved estate—the last real connection he shares with his late wife.

As a pivotal property tax deadline nears, it appears that Teddy’s time is running out. He is also becoming more and more agitated by recurring dreams in which he is a crew member on La Gracia itself, as the line between dreams and reality becomes increasingly blurred.

When his grown son uncovers a clue to the treasure’s location, however, it finally appears as though Teddy and his crew are headed in the right direction.

But soon the town’s haunted past, along with a violent hurricane that blows in a host of questionable characters, threatens to derail Teddy’s plans before they can even begin.



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