I first really heard of Jimmy Buffett when I was living in Fairhope, Alabama because although he is originally from Mississippi, he grew up in the Mobile area. His sister owns a restaurant Lulu’s in Gulf Shores near the Flora-Bama. You might read Buffett’s biography A Pirate Looks At 50 for a journey through the islands and Southeast Florida and the South. I went to Key West recently and loved it and lived in St. Augustine, Florida in 2005. There’s a bunch of Buffett b-sides which no one really knows about that work the best for me. It’s songs like Anytime, Anywhere and Back to the Island and Creola that work better than Grapefruit Juicy Fruit or Margarittaville, but anyway, I am not the most loyal Buffett fan, but I like his works and he has traveled the world widely and is clearly one of the best sources for where to fish and visit in the Caribbean and Florida. He lives in Palm Beach, Montauk and St. Barts. Three places I really like. Although my book is primarily set in a make believe modern day St. Augustine, California and Palm Beach, St. Barts is in my book towards the end. You’ll enjoy it, check it out!

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