So I am back in St. Augustine for Thanksgiving for some Floridays. The weather has been perfect and I am getting to re-experience my old home and the site for the make believe setting in my book, Latchawatchee, Florida! Latch is alot different than St. Augustine. For one, there’s no bad energy in St. Augustine and it’s alot older than Latch. If you’ve never been to St. Augustine, you truly must go and I think you will really enjoy my book, The Opaque Stones also—read it while you’re thereTravel to the oldest city in America sometime and experience the history for yourself, don’t take my word for it. It’s as rich if not richer than New Orleans and as amazing as San Francisco. I even traveled down St George street to get a new Panama hat. Everything is just dripping in history and aura, it’s like a spiritual place. They’ve even got a Fountain of Youth if you want to live forever. Anyway, check out my latest book, How To Live also, plus I got a Youtube channel with some St. Augustine videos there promoting the book. For more Floridays articles, click on the Florida tags or see related articles below. Thanks!


Me with my new Panama hat on St. Augustine Beach.

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