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Next time you’re in the Big Apple, you might remember the Café Carlyle at the Carlyle Hotel on 35 East 75th Street as an intimate place to see a few wonderful musicians. I first went to the hotel Café to see Bobby Short there when I was little, and I remember how amazed I was at the size of the room. I wish seeing every musician was like this. He was singing right next to our table! While we ate and had drinks! What a wonderful room it is also. Upon a recent visit, the piano and drums literally floated in the audience. Elegant paintings by Marcel Vertes hung on the wall, with plush seating beneath them. In the back, a full bar nestled in a corner. The meal was a four-course encore and we had martinis also. We went around Christmas time and saw Steve Tyler. He’s that guy from the Father of the Bride soundtrack who sings Give Me The Simple Life, but he’s also one of the best standard singers since Sinatra in my opinion. He belted out Sinatra and Burt Bacharach songs, while we snapped pictures and recordings. He was dressed in a suit with a black tie. Although he seemed a little hot, the room felt nice and cozy to me. Highlights included This Guy’s In Love With You, The Way You Look Tonight and Bewitched, Bothered and Bedazzled. Towards the end, he did a Santa comes to town song. The set was solid and long. The price was cheap, considering. I think you can go and not eat and just have drinks, if you want to save money. Either way, go there and see him or Woody Allen’s band, they play there also. It’s literally unbelievable and unforgettable how close you are too the musicians and how intimate it is as they tell stories and rap with the audience, you feel like they’re in your living room! Steve even told a story about him and Bill Clinton when the former president showed up. Like Bill, he’s also got a Southern accent and a swagger about life that adds to the humor to the event. Check him out here!



Dear Patrons,

You might have seen me once at Jack of the Wood in an ole European house because that’s what it feels like there in Asheville, North Carolina at the best pub in town. A Celtic style pub that still has the words “public house” scribed on the outside entrance, Jack of the Wood is named after a 2nd century A.D. deity who symbolizes nature and fertility, among other things. And everyone knows there is truly nothing like the nature in Asheville, and sitting at the black walnut bar with your custom Green Man Ale brewed just up the street or your Guiness Stout and a plate of fish and chips, a definite nature vibe emanates from the bones of this place. Besides, it’s got some of the best fiddling and music around sometimes! The pub is in the heart of downtown Asheville situated right in the Blue Ridge Mountains. So get some food, throw some darts, sit at the coolest big bar ever (it curves around the joint) and check out the long list of brews (local and others). Good conversation is hard to come by, but never at Jack of the Wood. So get lost in the woods! Be my guest. Buy a t-shirt also. They have the coolest around.

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