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One thing I have done is traveled all over America’s coasts. I have been from Maine all the way to Key West, exploring the Eastern seaboard’s scenic drives, and all the way from Seattle to Laguna Beach, looking for that picturesque moment along the sea. My favorite drive ever in America is Highway 1’s scenic drive from Carmel, California to Big Sur going South. It is literally awe-inspiring and breath–taking. No wonder writers like Henry Miller and Jack Keruoac chose to live there. Reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast, the California coast there boasts dramatic jaw–dropping cliffs with whirling sea blue ocean below with the fog nearly touching your nose. Hawks circle around you sometimes as you drive through the dry sunny Califonria climate with the smell of Eucalyptus in the air. Stop at Nepenthe for lunch in Big Sur, it’s name literally means an elixir referenced by writers that is capable of causing forgetfulness of sorrow. Or take the route on down south going towards Los Angeles for even more crooks and turns on the hilltop drive. Going all the way across the coast, another drive I love is U.S. 1 in Maine, which passes through little picturesque towns like Camden that sit right on the ocean. Stop at a dinner for some Maine clam chowder and lobster, and then walk to the harbor or go see on an old movie in one of the charming towns. Equally impressive is the Southernmost leg of U.S. 1 going south through the Florida Keys. The overseas highway literally floats along Caribbeanisque American waters for miles and miles. Stop and eat at your favorite crab shack or go fishing for the day in one of the inlets. End up in Key West where you can visit Papa Hemingway’s house and favorite bar and eatery Sloppy Joes, or take a boat out in Jimmy Buffett style to the Caribbean, your drive ends here.