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my favorite ice cream

If you’re in any city that has Goonies ice cream and you’re needing ice cream, look no further than a Swensen’s. I grew up going to Swensen’s, and aside from their cheese soup and delicious shredded chicken salad, their ice cream hits home runs on my mind. Maybe you’ve seen it in Goonies, maybe you haven’t, but if you haven’t, look again, because it’s also Chunk’s favorite food! This isn’t a movie endorsement really either. Just know, Chunk’s food works for me. They have earthquakes, banana splits, milkshakes, carfaits, everything. They are like a 50’s ice cream parlor with 33 flavors or something. Check out Strawberry Bananas ‘n Cream and Turkish Coffee to name a few. Sure there’s Cold Stone which I love, but do they have Bubblegum? I think not. What about a Gold Rush? Try that! It’s like a better sundae. Started in San Francisco, this place really knows how to hit homers like the San Francisco Giants on major ice cream scoops, fudge and cherry combinations. Hence the name Earthquake. Try that! Go for it on like the best thing I’ve ever had with eight scoops of ice cream. Split it with your girlfriend or your guy. What makes it unique is they just have all these like mini chocolate sundaes that just completely execute on the quality, design and taste. They also have carfaits, which are similar to sundaes, but are like stacks of scoops of ice cream surrounded by good stuff. So go for it at Swensen’s if you can find one. If you live in San Francisco or Miami, you shouldn’t have a problem. The cherry on top is the atmosphere of these places with their marble slab tabletops—it just feels cold in their like Christmas mornings and ice cream. All things good to you. Here’s a cheers to your Gold Rush at 33 flavors of goodness! (You can also buy their ice cream in stores sometimes, if you can find it, just like Chunk, you can have Goonies ice cream also!)