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Hi, I am author Duke Tate and I am writing today to give you some tips on sea shelling. When I lived in St. Augustine, Florida for a short while, I collected seashells. I also used to wander up and down the deserted beautiful beaches of Vilano for the occasional shell. I displayed shells around my house there briefly. I even used one monster shell as a soap dish in my bathroom and still do. Finding these shell treasures sunken in the sea and beached on the shore and collecting them is a truly fun and useful activity. Used as tools, pavement, jewelry, musical instruments, ritual objects, currency, and in horticulture and some architecture, shells are endlessly fascinating, and have a variety of uses. If you’re a real shell head, you can even get a shell display case for your living room and display your treasures or simply display them in a clear glass container or something cheap and affordable like a Mason Jar. In order to optimize your shelling experience, if you aren’t in a place where shells fall from the star sprinkled sky every night like Sanibel Island, go early in the morning or later in evening, especially after a very large storm. Storms rake up the sand, kicking up sea debris, including shells. Also, monitor the moon-phasees as well because a full or new moon means monster tides to bring the shells in. Go with a plastic bag, so gentle shells don’t break–or flip your hat upside down like mine in my photo! and pile shells in it for fun (if it’s a washable straw hat–ha!). Good luck finding sandy treasures on the shore, or wade in a little bit–sometimes shell are just out into the water some. My book, The Opaque Stones, has shell hunting in it briefly. They even find a sand dollar or an old gun.

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